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I was asked "WHAT AND WHY ARE THERE INFLUENCE OF EXTRATERRESTRIALS IN ART AND CULTURE IN MY WORK' ... The only way your going to succeed in art is to pursue avenues that interest you. which is why i'll never be a landscape artist or paint portraits. I'm not looking to 'Create for the masses' i'm looking to create art that moves me. and if it moves me, more than likely it will move others as well. Having grown up without a father and having a mom that worked most of the time television and media became my mentor. good or bad, forbidden planet, outer limits, the gemini/apollo missions, lost in space all became major influences in my life. Adding to that a love for science it became a natural to incorporate that into my work.

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Roborama - New Glicee on canvas

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Gort - Prints available at Fine Art America

GORT . My homage to The day the earth stood still, portrait of Gort
i definatly got a thing for robots. i blame my sci-fi childhood, sitting in front of the t.v. watching apollo missions and the outer limits. support the arts, Prints available at fine art america

Fine Art Posters and Prints

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Artmosphere - Tilles Center Review

Artmosphere - Performed live at the Tilles Center where i performed live as the 'Artificer' Drawing on top of select quicktime videos with the Immersion Dance Company, The Joe Satriani Tribute Band, Jay Jii and Jane Leslie. Special Thanks to Bob Goida, Debra Ann Kasimakis for making it happen. Apple Computer for a state-of-the-art system and all who attended.

Film Trailer from "Artmosphere The Movie" by Tim Peterson

Saturday, November 29, 2008

1[0|\| - icon

1[0|\| -  icon

my wife called this piece obscene. for some reason i think thats a good thing. personally i find no offense. it's my futurist tribute to my childhood icon. 


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mona Trooper

Mona Lisa Stormtrooper

Portrait: ®0b07

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Zig Studios Web 2.0

Zig Studios planetzig.com has been online as long as the web has been around, I guess that means i've been freelancing for a really long time. The site has been through several revisions and variations always trying to keep pace with technology. My approach to web development has always been that the web is an information based entity stemming from Government and University circles. When the format Web 2.0 was introduced i was excited about the direction for several reasons. first that it is only possible because pixel aspect ratios have changed drastically 1680 x 1050 and getting higher all the time. More screen area allows larger fonts and cleaner layouts. alot of designers are realizing that they need to scrap full flash based sites because there is no information value, search engines have nothing to read when a site is all flash. it may look cool, but don't do it. Web 2.0 splits the best of both worlds. Now you have area for large flash animations with rich textures and .html based text to improve search criteria. Zig Studios site is always a work in progress. visit: planetzig.com


TomTom: how to reboot a crashed TomTom that displays a red circle/white x

For my birthday i had gotten a GPS navigation system, the TomTom ONE 130. Switched it on and was totally excited about it. Then i figured i'd update the maps since it was showing some restaurants that have been out of business for sometime. I plug it into my mac hit update, it's runs through it's cycle and i eject it much like a harddrive. When i went to turn it on i immediately got a flashing red circle with a white x. found out that it could no longer start or see it's operating system. it was a sunday and with their tech department closed i went about looking how to get the thing going. there were many websites that we're filled with people who had the same tech problems but their way of going about fixing the crash seemed more a rube goldberg approach that a real fix. to reboot a tomtom i suggest hook it up to your computer via usb, make a backup of all the files it came with) then clear the drive with your disk utility. reopen tomtom home and the unit will automacially load it's system application. before you proceed eject the tomtom than see if it boots back up (mine did at this point). You'll see that it has no maps. hook it up once more with the usb and from your back-up files add the US/Canada map folder. this worked for me. you can also add other files one by one to make sure it doesn't crash again.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Rabbit Hole - Hot off the easel

My tribute to Alice in Wonderland and psychedelic journeys

WORMWHOLE - New Glicee On Canvas

Available now at planetzig.com

Michael Angelo Ink Tattoo & Gallery

Michael Angelo Ink is now open, if you looking to get a tattoo, look no further and give him a call at (631) 730-TATS (8287), Jon Clue is also tattooing over at Mike's shop. 
Works on display there include: Ducky Dangerous Waters, Death of the Innocent, King of Skulls and Rabbit Hole

Opening Soon! Michael Angelo Ink
Created artwork / logo for my good friend Michael Angelo Calderone and his new tattoo shop and gallery 2038 Rt. 112, NY also featuring the work of world renowned tattoo artist Jon Clue. Mike plans to have a gallery on site. My painting "King of Skulls" will be on display. will post his opening day when available.

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Invited To Speak at FIT - 'The Business of Art' 10/22

Was just invited to speak again at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) on the 'Business of Art' . How to make a living as an artist. when i mentioned that to my good friend Mike Calderone (Airbrush master and owner of cycle-delics) he said 'when you find out let me know'. had a good laugh. last time i spoke the LIRR was running 2 1/2 hours late and i wound up speaking to the last of the class who wanted to hang and listen. Looking forward to sharing a few of my secrets as well as reminding all that it takes a bit of luck, cleaver ideas, good clients and the skillz to pay the billz. See you at FIT

About The Class:A good course for craftspeople and artists
SXW 005 Crafts/Design: The Fine Art of Business
Fall 2008 at Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT)
Professional Studies Program
Seventh Avenue at 27th Street
NYC, NY 10001
Phone: 212 217 7715
0 credits $110.00
Does everyone say you should sell your work, but no one tells you how to do it? Learn how to market and sell your art from experts affiliated with trade and craft fairs, shops, galleries, and showrooms. Guest speakers from the commercial art world discuss policies, fees and costs, pricing concepts, and promotional techniques, including booth and exhibit arrangements. Meet successful craft professionals and artists who share their experiences, emphasizing what's worked well and what to avoid. Program includes advice on resource development, salesmanship, and time management.
Instructor: Alice Melzer, professional commercial artist, photographer, award-winning exhibitor, and art educator with arts and crafts expertise
3 sessions: (55A) Wednesdays, October 15, 22, 29
CRN Section-23589 55A
Day, Time and Location-W, 6:15 pm-8:45 pm, room TBA

INVASION - New Glicee On Canvas

Artmosphere - Tilles Center Sept 4-7

Just finished performing live at the Tilles Center in Artmosphere. Had an amazing time. couldn't have done it without the help of John Bugenis who took a crash course (pardon the pun) on a media server that we used to combine real time photoshop files on top of select quicktime videos. the performances came off without a hitch and was truly groundbreaking and visually exciting. just glad i learned how to crash our imac prior to the performance while running dual monitors. Made many new friends. kudos to all including The Immersion Dance Company, Patrick Brady, The Band Matt Flood, Chris(mosphere) Benvegna, Charlie Held & Jane Leslie, my new found friend Performance poet and composer Jay Jii,  Special thanks to Gary Miller for working with Apple and getting a great machine and Bob Goida and Debra Kasimakis for making it happen. A totally cool experience drawing live on the big screen. thanks to all for making it a cool experience. looking forward to Artmosphere II (Heaven & Hell) 

Need Art?

Need Art? Websites, Trade Show Art, Hand-outs, New/Old Business Development, Marketing. Call 631-567-0919

Strokes - T.V. Pilot, Me and my buddies of Cycle-Delics

Andrew Leipzig, Mike Calderone, Ceasar Santos, Joe Favaloro, Danny Neives, Rio and the truly missed Ms. Jaclyn Amiel (we all love & miss you jax)

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