Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Artmosphere - Tilles Center Sept 4-7

Just finished performing live at the Tilles Center in Artmosphere. Had an amazing time. couldn't have done it without the help of John Bugenis who took a crash course (pardon the pun) on a media server that we used to combine real time photoshop files on top of select quicktime videos. the performances came off without a hitch and was truly groundbreaking and visually exciting. just glad i learned how to crash our imac prior to the performance while running dual monitors. Made many new friends. kudos to all including The Immersion Dance Company, Patrick Brady, The Band Matt Flood, Chris(mosphere) Benvegna, Charlie Held & Jane Leslie, my new found friend Performance poet and composer Jay Jii,  Special thanks to Gary Miller for working with Apple and getting a great machine and Bob Goida and Debra Kasimakis for making it happen. A totally cool experience drawing live on the big screen. thanks to all for making it a cool experience. looking forward to Artmosphere II (Heaven & Hell) 

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debbydoll said...

Thank You, Andrew.....

What a trip ARTMOSPHERE was.....I hope to see you guys at the screening later this month......

It was an happening...can't wait to see it again....and again...and again...LOL

Love it.

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