Tuesday, November 11, 2008

TomTom: how to reboot a crashed TomTom that displays a red circle/white x

For my birthday i had gotten a GPS navigation system, the TomTom ONE 130. Switched it on and was totally excited about it. Then i figured i'd update the maps since it was showing some restaurants that have been out of business for sometime. I plug it into my mac hit update, it's runs through it's cycle and i eject it much like a harddrive. When i went to turn it on i immediately got a flashing red circle with a white x. found out that it could no longer start or see it's operating system. it was a sunday and with their tech department closed i went about looking how to get the thing going. there were many websites that we're filled with people who had the same tech problems but their way of going about fixing the crash seemed more a rube goldberg approach that a real fix. to reboot a tomtom i suggest hook it up to your computer via usb, make a backup of all the files it came with) then clear the drive with your disk utility. reopen tomtom home and the unit will automacially load it's system application. before you proceed eject the tomtom than see if it boots back up (mine did at this point). You'll see that it has no maps. hook it up once more with the usb and from your back-up files add the US/Canada map folder. this worked for me. you can also add other files one by one to make sure it doesn't crash again.

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